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2. Describe, with examples, the changing functions of management over the years, indicate, with reasons, what you regard as the most important functions of management, and explain how you would measure good management.

ANSWER: (See Lesson #2 = p.3-10 & 37-38)
Planning, organizing, leading controlling
-search of excellence, coaching, cheerleading, mentoring, conduct oneself, how we treat each other, who were mentoring, Management by walking Around, RE-inventing other ideas about changing functions of managing, try to introduce competitive atmosphere, point out Failed in servicing, they are suppose to help you through the project, emulating private sectors, act as an entrepreneur, Reward performance, good to identify written standard system, set them for improvement, advancement, give incentives/recognition, reward productivity, take other element in consideration
Plumptre suggests three considerations for measuring good management
1. How is the work being done?
This is the process of procedural approach about which cautionary comments have been offered.
2. What is the degree of employee commitment?
This second consideration indicates whether things are happening only because the procedural manual is being scrupulously follower or because employees are identifying with the goals of the organization.
3. What are the results?
The measurement of results is often critical, and hard to measure in government, because there are many factors to be taken in consideration besides quantitative measures. They are such as fairness (political correctness) and political feasibility.

4. Describe the recruitment process as a series of interrelated activities comprising at least seven steps or stages. ****NOTE****: Alvin Curling said this Question will be on the Exam!!!

DALE ANSWER: (See Lesson #3 = p.23-40, esp. p. 40 for the Table list of 7 steps & p.61 for list as well)

The recruitment process = 1) Undertaking personnel planning so future needs can be anticipated and likely available personnel can be identified. 2) Analyzing the nature of job openings to clarify understanding of essential tasks to be performed and qualities needed to fill the position.

3) Decide who (including Council) will be directly involved in hiring process and what the costs will be.

4) Develop carefully worded and designed job ad and place in medium that will attract qualified applicants. 5) Develop systematic screening process so applicants can be reviewed and manageable short-list for interviews identified. 6) Plan and schedule interviews, develop standard questions for all applicants and develop a systematic method for interviewers to compile and compare their findings. 7) Obtain Council’s approval for hiring decision if needed and obtain successful candidate’s acceptance and then notify others. Confirm hiring details in letter of appointment. 8) Arrange orientation for new employee, monitor performance closely, and schedule a formal review within first 6 months.

6. What methods would you recommend for improving the flow of information from staff to council and its disposition by council, with particular reference to the use of agendas, staff reports, minutes, and procedure by-laws? ****NOTE****: Curling hinted that this might be on but he wasn’t clear and seemed to be confusing with Question #4.

ANSWER: (See Lesson #4 = p.10-17)


Councillors receive too much unnecessary information and too little necessary information.
Councillors inundated with information and little way to interpret it.
Mountain of data distracts from important pieces of information.
There is a lack of understanding as to what information is needed and desires by council.

Background Reports and Recommendations
1. Consider the use of standard format for staff reports and recommendations.
a. incomplete reports waste time going back for additional info
b. long