Padilla Microwave Oven Essay

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Marvin Padilla
Microwave Oven Research Paper

The Microwave is probably one of the greatest inventions ever created in mankind. It is not only used to warm up food products, but it can also be used for other purposes like baking and boiling water. In our environment today almost every household owns a microwave oven. This great invention had to grow threw so many stages in order to achieve the status it has nowadays. Numerous of great inventions in history weren’t just made up with a snap of a finger. The microwave oven did not come as result of people brainstorming on how to cook food in a short amount of time. During World War II, there were two scientists, Sir John Randall and Dr. H.A. Boot invented magnetron, which is used to produce microwaves in their laboratory in Britain. The magnetron is a significant component to the radar, which bounced microwaves off the enemy’s war equipment to become aware of their presence (Fleischman, 2012, p.37). Britain used the microwaves to prevent the Nazis aircraft’s from bombing them. After the war ended in 1945, Dr. Percy Spencer discovered that microwaves could do more than just detect enemies on radar. Dr. Spencer worked at the Raytheon Company. He was known as an electronic mastermind and war hero (Gallawa, 2012). One day while working on a radar-related project around 1946, that Dr. Spencer observed something very unusual (Gallawa, 2012). While running tests, Dr. Spencer had a strong desire for a chocolate bar that