Padma Resort Bali Travel Accommodation Essay

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Padma resort accommodation
Padma Resort Bali is a serene paradise under the renowned Legian sunset. Just steps away from the nearby traditional art and fashion market,the resort is a sanctuary at one with nature. we tried to create an international standard that lodging for the convenience of our guests , by providing multiple room options , from standard grade to the suite , we built this in to consider that the strategic location and in accordance with the culture of the Balinese it,s only 15 minutes from ngurah rai airport,it will be close place than other resort in bali,and also we give you the best beach for spending your holiday in bali
The purpose,I made this project , other than to make a profit , is to be able to employ local residents in order to increase their economy , and the main thing is I was able to introduce the culture bali to the international.

Stakeholders of company’s including padma Resorts can be divided into two categories: internal and external. Internal stakeholders represent parties that belong to padma such as shareholders and employees. The primary interests of shareholders are profit maximisation, whereas employee interests include gaining a wide range of tangible and intangible compensation from their employment.
External stakeholders, on the other hand, are parties that do not belong to padma; nevertheless they have interest in the business from various perspectives. The following figure illustrates a range of padma external stakeholders and their interests:
External stakeholder
The nature of impact of business activity to the community
Purchasing products and services in lower prices
Business employment relations, corporate taxation, compliance with laws, rules and regulations etc.
Long-term partnership in mutually beneficial terms
Corporate performance, corporate conflicts, employee relations etc.

25.1 Lead the project team to achieve objectives
This includes motivating team members to carry out their tasks with commitment and enthusiasm. You must ensure that team members have the information they need to perform effectively. You must delegate responsibility to team members and provide opportunities for them to contribute to the project development and outcomes. You must be aware of any difficulties they may be facing and provide them with necessary support and encouragement.

25.2 Monitor and adjust activities, resources and plan to meet objectives
This includes preparing the resources and plans you need to monitor and evaluate the project’s work, measuring progress and identifying any emerging risks. You must provide clear authorisation for work to start, continue or finish. You must keep project activities and resources in line with your plans or adjust your plans accordingly. You must identify the potential for improvements in project activities. You must control change in the project so that disruption is minimised. You must inform the sponsor should any adjustments be needed to the scope and definition of the project

25.3 Develop solutions to project problems
This includes the collation and verification of all information to solve problems. You need to analyse the information from a variety of perspectives. You need to enable relevant people to contribute to the problem-solving process and draw on your own experience and the practice of others. You need to develop a range of possible solutions. Finally, you need to present these options in a way which enables relevant people to reach optimum decisions.

25.4 Maintain communication with project stakeholders and sponsors
This includes ensuring that all key stakeholders receive regular updates on the project. You need to make sure that the information, and the way it is provided, meets your stakeholders needs. You need to ensure any agreements on confidentiality are maintained. You need to collect information from