Paediatric Nurse Personal Statement

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I want a career that makes a difference to people's lives and paediatric nursing does exactly that. I want to work with children in particular as I find that I relate to them well and also have an urge to support their families. My origin and ethnic background have also played a major role in my motivation to become a paediatric nurse. Having been exposed to poverty first hand from my visits to Nepal, it has allowed me to see the impact on people who are not receiving adequate health care. In contrast, living in the UK where there is so much emphasis on health care; this has continued my interest in this career.
Nursing involves working in an environment which is rewarding, challenging and demanding as it consists of interacting with individuals
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It has also allowed me to develop communication skills and put them in to practice. Through studying this course, I have already started to develop my knowledge on the “6 c’s” of nursing values such as care, compassion and competence which I believe will help me when pursuing this career. In Psychology, I have been able to extend my knowledge on ethics which will closely link to some of the topics I will learn about at a degree level such as ethical care principles. Working as a nurse may be very rewarding but it can also be challenging at times and I am confident that the work placements I am embarking on in the near future will assist me in seeing what it's really like to work as a children's nurse, helping me to One become more aware of the challenges that nursing will involve. of my work placements involves working in a paediatric ward at Winchester Hospital. This will give me an opportunity to see how relationships are formed between the children and nurses and will help me to distinguish the everyday roles of a paediatric nurse in more detail such as observing and assessing the condition of