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“So, how does sixty-seven billion sound?’

I stared with a blank look on my face across the conference room to the numerous CEO’s and bank owners, all fighting savagely with one another for the opportunity to own a piece of one of the largest privately-owned hedge fund companies in the history of the world. It had never been my intention to sell my pride and joy, the fruit of all of my labor throughout the years, but ultimately it seemed like the right thing to do. Business had been booming, stock prices had skyrocketed, but my husband and I, now over half a century old, decided that we wanted to do something completely unheard of, something downright revolutionary.

Space had always been an intriguing topic to me; as a child I would look up at the stars and ponder the existence of life on other planets, and wonder what Earth looked like from the outsider’s perspective. There had always been talk of space hotels, but no one had ever succeeded in creating one, with the decline of funding for NASA and whatnot. But recently, there had been talk of a project to create the first ever space hotel, the only problem with the project being its lack of funds. My husband and I heard about it on the news one evening, and after a long discussion and several arguments, we decided that we wanted to invest. We had been working in the finance business for the greater part of twenty years, and felt as if we could contribute something more to the world. This was how we came to the conclusion that we would sell our hedge fund company.

Our first obstacle to overcome was the strenuous task of deciding who would be the beneficiary of our company. We would not allow it