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Things fall apart
His life, His Choice His religion. Should Nwoye convert to Christianity? yes because he needs to find his own way in life, He wants to feel accepted. An For those who think that he should stick with following in his families’ religion, think about this: if you’re going to serve someone you should want too, if not it becomes work. In the book, we hear Okonkwo say “Man Up” allot, especially when it comes to regard Nwoye. As we have read in the previous chapters of the story Okonkow is a man that loves his children but wants them to have the same work ethic as him. This is not shown in Nwoye, what Nwoye calls work Okonkwo finds him being lazy. That is not right. He wants Nwoye to Man up so much if he is to convert to Christianity he would have done the most Man like type of deed he would have found his own path in life.
Everyone wants to be accepted, general, explained statement. Nwoye doesn’t always feel accepted by his father and also people in the village. Okonkwo in the village is well known, he is the protector he is a “God” in certain aspects. In his village its all about generation if Nwoye cannot show at a young age that he has similar attributes if his father, number one his father will disown, the village follows Okonkow so if Okonkow doesn’t think he is a protector everyone is going to feel the same way. This will make him feel less accepted. If he was to join another religion he doesn’t have to hold up that pressure.