Pain and Dental Office Essay

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1-Full Denture
Patient be causious to wear the full denture . in the first few days the patient should not eat hard food or food which needs chewings. Take the denture out of the mouth and put it in the water or any moist envirnament. Clean the teeth with soap and water. Never put the denture in the hot water. This can leave the denture warpage. If the patient has any problem to wear call the office immediately. Don’t try to scrap the sharp edges by knife.
2-partial denture.
Be careful to wear the denture . don’t try to tight the clasp at home. If it is hard to take it out or wear inform the office.take the denture out to clean it use soft brush to clean the denture. Eat soft food in the beginning of the denture . don’t try to break nuts by the partial denture.
3-Amalgam fillings These materials has two settings ,intial and final settings.intial setting is soft and can easily breaks if a hard force falls on it. These are good material for strength and durability but esthetic is the main disadvantage. Don’t try to brush it hard in the first 24 hours. If it hurts during chewing or it there is a high spot call the dental office.
4-composit fillings These fillings are pretty hard and strong if use in thick fillings. In thin fillings it chip off if the patient tear the food by it. It is pretty stable in color but with time the color can becomes yellowish. It has a good matching color and can with stands normal chewing forces.
5-tooth whitening This is also called bleaching . this procedure give very good results if done in the dental office. Patient should to wear the material in the temporary try for at least 30 minutes. You should not eat or drink during that time. The teeth will stay white for a long time and the procedure should be repeated. The teeth may become sensitive after the procedure and don’t use too cold or very hot food or water in the first 24 hours.
Take a 12 to 14 cm floss and round it your fingers of both hands . if you cant do that buy the floss with the handle and pass the floss between your teeth in up and down movement. Floss should be done once in a day . this will remove the plaque of soft food particle,while hard food will still be stick to your teeth and it needs scalling or mechanical removal.
8-dry socket It is very painful condition and usually develops after the tooth extractions. I will tell the patient that don’t try to wash the mouth more frequently after surgery.this can wash the fresh clot blood and will expose the socket to food and bacteria. Don’t apply hot patch to the site in the first 24 hours. If you have severe pain call the office and dentist will take care of it. The care will be irrigation of the socket and non eugenal pack in the socket, and some strong pain killer like Tylenol 3 and Aleve or Percocet. You may need antibiotics too.
7-tooth brushing This should be a routine to clean the teeth by soft tooth brush. The movement of the brush should be in circle and then