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Pain & Beauty
Thesis: There are various branches of dentistry that have been established to help people with dental hygiene or dental problems, and the four main ones are (I) general dentistry, (II)orthodontics, (III)oral surgery, (IV)and endodontic.

I. First of all, the most common type of dentistry is General Dentistry.
A. General Dentistry treats injuries, infections, tumors, and various other conditions of the teeth, jawbones, and related tissues.
B. Dentists can also play the role of dental hygienist by cleaning your teeth and gums.
1. General dentist could do any procedure as such as root canals, fillings, preps, bonding, cleanings, and non-surgical extractions.
2. General dentists are also way less expensive than specialist?
II. Secondly, there are dentists who are specialize in braces, orthodontics.
A. Orthodontists are specialize in trying to repair overlapping teeth, over bites, and fixing the posture of your mouth.
B. Orthodontic procedures take place over a period of many months or years.
1. There are different types of braces one is Invisalign, which is a type of clear braces.
2. There are also metal braces which are glued with composite.
III. Thirdly, another specialist in dentistry are Oral Surgeons.
A. Various oral surgery procedures may be indicated to function of an oral appliance such as partial or full dentures.
B. Also enhance the boney anatomy for improved aesthetics, improve periodontal health.
1. They tend to be more pricey then