Essay on Painful Barriers of Discrimination

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When the word “discrimination” is heard, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is the Civil War recalled? Possibly, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. surfaces in your mind. Whatever event is brought to mind, the likelihood of the memory being an event of the past is very high. Despite the events of the past, discrimination remains as an issue in the world today. Prejudice between race, gender, and at times age, is an issue in both growing countries, as well as well developed countries.
Throughout history, discrimination was used as a means to display power. One such example would be World War Two. Adolf Hitler came up with the idea that Jewish people, as well as individuals of color were a lesser race. The idea of power not only caused thousands of Jews to be persecuted in persecution camps, but it also caused one of the biggest wars in history affecting the world as a whole. This is also seen in countries where the idea of male dominance remains. Many females are being dumped with acid due and raped as “punishment” acting upon their right for free will. As more women realize that they have a right to refuse sex, or an arranged marriage to a relative they do not wished to be tied to, men are afraid of losing the control they have on women in that society and show their displeasure by permanently scaring them. As seen through both history and current events, the hunger for power and control can cause persecution.
Another cause of discrimination is cultural upbringing, which can spring into misinformation or fear of the unknown. In Chinese culture, “鬼佬” and “黑鬼” in turn translates into “ghost person” and “black ghost”. These were the terms used for Caucasians and African Americans. Because they had no knowledge of the world beyond Asia, the different skin colors caused superstition, striking fear into the hearts of the Chinese, until Caucasian settles proved themselves as people, just like them. There are still barriers that exist, but they are slowly coming down as the internet provides access to information from around the world. Misconceptions are slowly put to rest, and understanding is slowly being learned. As people, we all vary in different ways. Using difference