Painting: Color and Watercolor Pencils Essay

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6th Grade Watercolor Pencil Painting- SUBSTITUTE COPY

• The project directions are listed below. Please go over it in-depth with the students at the start of the project, with reminders of the process and expectations each and every class. o Make a new sample with each 6th grade class- that way you are modeling what they will be doing. Do it together if possible. • Make sure they don’t go overboard with their coloring and painting- the paintings should be colorful not turn brown. o Tell them to work on dry sections of the paper- that way the colors don’t all blend together.

• Classroom Organization/Clean-Up: o Keep the following supplies at the front of the classroom: WATERCOLOR PENCILS (keep them separate from the regular colored pencils), 12” x 18” paper, glue bottles o The following supplies will be stored by the sinks: water buckets, paintbrushes ▪ Pick a student at the start of class to fill the water buckets half-way and pass to tables ▪ Pick another student to pass out paintbrushes to everyone o Newspaper will be used to cover their workspaces while painting. It is by the textbooks. It can be re-folded and placed neatly back on the shelf at the end of class. o Students should not need any painting supplies until day 4 or 5 of the project. o Call clean-up 8-10 minutes before class ends: ▪ Papers will be stored on the dryrack. YOU MUST ASSIST STUDENTS IN PLACING THEIR WORKS ON THE DRYRACK!!!! It’s just tricky to maneuver. • At the end of the day, collect the papers off the dryrack and place in the class drawers. (there just isn’t enough dryrack space for 4 classes worth of work) ▪ Water buckets need to be emptied and placed neatly on sink counter ▪ Paintbrushes need to be washed thoroughly with water!!!!! (The brushes have to last all year, so they MUST be cleaned well) ▪ Do NOT dismiss the students until the room is CLEANED. Trust me, with the three grades working on different projects… you do not want a big mess on your hands.

6th Grade- Watercolor Pencil Painting Name: ______________________________ Pd:________

Project Criteria/ You Must Have: - Completed painting by Friday, January 11th, 2013 - Your first name, last name, and class period written on the back of painting - Light, cool colored background (blue, blue-green, or green) - Vibrant, bold colors in details, designs, and foreground - HARMONY, MOVEMENT, & BALANCE created

Supplies needed: Watercolor pencils, water, glue, pencil, small paint brushes, 12” x 18” white paper, newspaper

Step-by-Step Directions:
1. Write your class period and first & last name on the back of your paper.
2. Using regular drawing pencil, LIGHTLY draw some whimsical abstract shapes and designs on your paper. Fill your paper from edge to edge, but without crowding the designs or shapes. (I’d say 12-15 abstract designs would be perfect). Use what I call “whisper lines”- they should be barely there and easy to erase.

3. Using the glue bottles, CAREFULLY trace over your pencil lines. Your glue lines should be solid (not dotted lines) and not too thick. One at a time, your will CAREFULLY place your paper flat on the dry rack to dry. Your glue lines will need to be totally dry before you can do the next step. Clean up the classroom a little bit and make Mrs. Ryan happy (

4. After your glue lines are dry, you are going to color your background using WATERCOLOR PENCILS. They are NOT regular colored pencils! You do not need to press super-duper hard or sharpen them into sharp points or tiny nubs. You are going to pick a COOL COLOR (blue, blue-green, or green) for your background. Color your whole background, edge to edge, making sure you color right up next to those glue lines.

5. Now, you need to lay some newspaper down…