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When we all look at different artwork and art we may have trouble defining more than what we see. We tend to get just look at it and not see what the history means or look at all the details in the art. Beginning to read more about the different periods of art, there is much more to be learned about in art that is beyond the surface of the piece.
After the Renaissance, it was a period of expansiveness and exploration. It came in the reaction of order and restraint. The reaction had developed in France in the mid-17th century and eventually 30 years later it had developed in England. The Emperor Napoleon in his study at the Tuileries is a wonderful piece of artwork that is by the neoclassical artist Jacques Louis Davis in 1812. This artwork was first originally painted on a canvas with oil. This painting has been redone many of times. By Davis redoing the artwork it helped portray Napoleon as more of an assertive figure. This artwork as well as the style and the techniques is what you would usually find in the Neoclassicism movement. In this particular piece the colors helps improve the moral perfects and it is also reinforced by simple lines.
The impressionism art movement had started out as paintings and then it had led to art as known as music. Impressionism was known as an art movement and had begun in the late 19th century into the learly 20the century. The impressionist artist had created art work that had to do with what they saw in reality. The artist had used temporary effects of the light and had color to describe the reality. These artist had disregarded any criticism that had come their way. The artist really didn’t care what other people had thought. Thinking this way for the artist had let them minimize the setting to help the viewer to be able to understand the patters and what pertains to the picture, giving the picture perspective depth, and a collection of flat colors. The impressionism movement is an example of The Luncheon Of the Boating Party painting. The artist Pierre-Augeste Renoir is the painter of the Luncheon of the Boating Party. This painting also remains the best popular work of art that was bought by Duncan Phillips in 1923 of the Phillips Collection. The Luncheon of the Boating Party is an idyllic atmosphere. Where they would all share food, wine and had plenty of conversations on the balcony. Pierre-Augeste Renoir created his artwork by the models as they had posed themselves. The artwork used bright colors and long brush strokes in many different directions, while the changing in the light gives a transforming feeling.
The Abstract Expressionism emerged in the 1940’s in New York. A small group of artists had created a stylistically diverse body of