Paleontology: A Career Essay

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The oldest fossil ever recorded was dated to be about 3.5 billion years old (Taylor). If this fact interests you then paleontology may be a good career to look into. Paleontology is the study of fossils; fossils help us learn more about prehistoric life. Paleontologists study and determine how old fossils are. Paleontology plays a huge role in re-discovering history which helps us better realize life in the prehistoric age. Basic skills and information are the first topics on the list to explain how to become a Paleontologist. Many paleontologists spend all of their time at work outside searching for fossil specimen to study. “They study fossils, using them to put together pieces of history that made up the earth and life on it” (“What Does a Paleontologist Do?”). “The simplest definition is the study of ancient life” (“Paleontology”). This is an amazing job because the feeling of holding a million-year-old animal preserved in rock is like nothing else in the world. There are many skills needed to thrive in the Paleontology business. Many issues are resolved by using science and methods. It is crucial to use the appropriate action to safely resolve the issue on hand. Indicating your performance skills needed to improve, needs to be beneficial to the goals of the system. Safety needs to be a priority in the paleontology field so …show more content…
“Many potential employers also require field experience so it will be beneficial for you to participate in an internship program” (“Paleontologist”). An internship will be very helpful, you will learn from an expert and get experience in the field. Get to know other paleontologists in the or even around the world. Being multilingual is also good in the paleontologist field; most paleontologists travel all over the world. It is important to be witty and a quick thinker. Putting effort into forming a career will make life much