Essay on Palio's Italian Restaurant Case Study

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Palio’s Ristorante Case Analysis

The Situation Angelina Palio is the owner and manager of Palio’s Ristorante and is reviewing the slow growth of her restaurant. In reviewing her restaurant’s growth, she is thinking about the future and how she can modify her current strategy to attract more clientele into the Palio’s Ristorante. At this time, Palio’s Ristorante is not doing well and she is contemplating on whether to weather the storm or to unite with a fast-food or family restaurant franchise chain.
The Past Marketing Strategy Prior to opening her business, Angelina believed that her strategy was well thought out. When looking for the location of her business, she carefully looked at various locations and took into
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With regards to the present, she targets the same individuals; however, she also started looking at the middle income Americans. As for the future, again she will target all of the above, as well as internet users if she decides to advertise via the internet.
Recommendations for Angelina Palio Since business is starting to pick up and her situation has begun to improve, I would recommend Angelina continue to operate her business and not consider franchising at this time. When choosing to franchise, there is a lot that one have to consider. As a business owner, you will have restrictions on how you can run your business, the franchisor may go out of business, other franchisees can give the brand a bad reputation and you may find it difficult to sell. Angelina realized, after her research about franchisors, she came to the realization that she is not ready to lose her independence and follow someone else’s strategy. I would also tell Angelina to advertise online as well. In this technological environment we live in, so many individuals are utilizing the internet and what best way to reach a wide variety of