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BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma (Level 3) in Business Studies,

UNIT 37 ASSIGNMENT – Understanding Business Ethics

Student Name: Teacher: Mr Engel |

Date assignment issued: 7th November Final Completion Date: Feb Half Term!! |

Welcome to your assignment for BTEC Level 3 Business Studies. In order to make sure that you complete the unit on time and meet all your deadlines, you will find that the assignment is broken down into key tasks.

Each task will start with the part of the grading criteria that the task relates to, example P1, P2. It will finish with a deadline for the task to be completed.

The aim of this unit is to introduce you to the concept of business ethics and to examine its application to the conduct of individuals in organisations and to the conduct of the organisation as a whole.

The tasks that you complete will involve you doing many different things, such as researching information, creating reports, presentations and letters.

The learning outcomes of the unit are for you to:

1. Understand the meaning and importance of ethics in the business world 2. Understand the implications of businesses operating ethically 3. Know the social implications of business ethics 4. Understand ethical concerns facing different communities.

You will have plenty of opportunities to get feedback on the quality of your work and whether it meets the grading criteria, but it is really important that you stick to the given deadlines otherwise it makes giving feedback difficult!

Task 1 Working on P1Working on P2 | You work for a firm which manufacturer’s beauty products. Directors have recently commissioned a new website for the company and want to make sure that a corporate Social Responsibility section is included on the site.You have been given the important task of gathering background information for this purpose.1 Create a report which explains the general ethical issues the Body Shop need to consider in its operational activities.This should include an outline of three ethical concerns, noting this should not mean that the business should be doing something wrong, just that these things are ‘concerns’ for it.EG * Reduce pollution by using non-fossil fuels. * Disposal of waste safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. * Sponsoring local charity events. * Trading fairly with developing countries Body Shop has decided to adopt a comprehensive CSR policy and wishes to make maximum PR use of the new set of values. You have been asked to do the following:Explain the implication for the Body Shop and its stakeholders of the business operating ethically.Create a presentation which should consider the benefits of how the Body Shop behaves ethically. Who benefits the most from their ethical behavior? Is it the staff, people in developing nations or perhaps the environment? Are products any better as a result of being produced ethically? Do consumers benefit from ethical practices? If so explain how this occurs. | |

Working on M1D1 | Your company PR manager has been alerted to an article which has appeared in the national press implying that Body Shop are not as ethical as they claim to be.As the PR assistant, you have been asked to research this article, and prepare a press response in the form of a press release, defending the companies position. This should include how Body Shop could improve itsoperational activities to be more ethical and identify the important factors that would have a positive impact on operations. Refer to Article 1.EG methods of production, materials used, labour management and environmental issues.Conduct research into the Body Shops ethical behaviour (positive and negative) and evaluate the impact of the Body Shops ethical behaviour on its stakeholders of the business. Create a report which looks at current practice and the success of this. Then look at future ethical