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Paloma Scarlet De Leon Ms. Sherwood English III CP 5 May 2015 My transition to the United States People come to the United States to pursue many interests; opportunities, better jobs, in conclusion, most people come to the U.S. for the pursuit of a better life. What drove me to make the decision to come to the U.S. was my studies and my future. My experiences in this country are very significant to me. For the first time, I moved away from my mom. I never thought I could make a strong decision like separating from my mother, I was a very dependent girl. Even though it was a pretty tough decision to make, I knew I had to fly away to find better opportunities. I had to start a new life with my father, had to go to a country in which my first language is not spoken. I came knowing my English from the Dominican Republic and I thought it would be easier for me because I knew the language, but it is never the same when you have to deal with the real world, where the English is spoken everywhere, always getting stuck on words when expressing yourself, it is still pretty tough for me. I live in Massachusetts, which is a state recognized by bad weather during winter, which is the opposite of my country, because we barely notice the season changes, as we say, “we are always in summer”. I had to adapt myself to walk in crazy amounts of snow. It depressed me a little, the routine of waking up and looking outside, all dark and tons of snow covering the streets. Every day I thought of my mom and how badly I wanted to be with her. One day it got so bad that I was thinking of returning, and I was about to do it, but then I realized that I cannot give up so easily, that if I really wanted to achieve my goal I will have to be strong. I started a new school and it was pretty difficult for me to make friends because I am a very shy person. For the first two months I sat by myself at lunch, people came to me asking if I was new at school, where I came from and those type of questions. A thing I do not complain about my school is the people in there, they are very affable. I met people from my country and now I am part of nine members