Pamela Fletcher's 'A Dream Deferred'

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In the short story “A Dream Deferred” by Pamela Fletcher she talks about a friendship she had with a girl named B.K. In the story she compares each other’s hair being that she if African American and B. K is White American. They stared out best friends, but it took a turn for the worse as they grew apart. To me, all hair is good hair. Some hair is nappy, curly, or stringy. With men, we really do not focus on hair like women. We just simply go to the barber shop and call it a day. With women, they sit in the salon and change hair styles each week. “colored girls kept their hair bondage” (80). I believe that everybody can have good hair if we treat it right. I would say that my hair is good hair. I get it cut once a week and I make sure I’m