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Properties -
FIFA Standard: 68.5-69.5cm,
Jabulani: 69.0 +/- 0.2
Diameter is measured in 16 different locations. FIFA Standard: max 1.5% difference, Jabulani: max 1.0% difference
Water Absorption:
A ball is pressed and rotated in water 250 times: FIFA Standard: max 10% weight increase. Jabulani: 0% weight increase
FIFA standard: 420-445 grams, Jabulani:
440 +/- 0.2 grams
Uniform Rebound:
The only dynamic FIFA test, the ball is dropped ten times onto a steel plate from a two meter height. The difference from the lowest to the highest bounce can be no more than 10 cm. Jabulani bounced in a range from
143 to 149 cm.
Loss of Pressure:
Air pressure measured three days after inflation. FIFA Standard: 20% max loss,
Jabulani: 10% max loss


The 2010 World Cup soccer

Player Response:
● Álvaro Arbeloa, commented that, "It's round, like always."


● Brazilian midfielder Kaká said, "For me, contact with the ball is all-important, and that's just great with this ball."

11 different colors representing the 11 starting players in a football squad, the 11 official languages of South Africa, and the 11 South
African communities is perfect for a ball that is to be used for the World cup.

● English midfielder Frank Lampard called it
"A very strong ball, true to hit."


● German midfielder Michael Ballack said it was "Fantastic; the ball does exactly what
I want it to."
● American Clint Dempsey was more favorable. He said that, "if you just hit it solid, you can get a good knuckle on the ball... you've just got to pay a little bit more, you know, attention when you pass the ball sometimes."
● Brazilian striker Luís Fabiano called the ball "supernatural," as it unpredictably changed direction when traveling