Pan S Labyrinth Essay

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Justice Davis

Film can often be like art.
In the movie
Pan's Labyrinth there is a type of mystical new way of living in Ofelia’s life. Ofelia has just moved to a new place with new people and as a young kid she wanted to adventure out around this new mysterious place and that’s when we see many new forms of scenery and art forms, like the way the forest was built is a great form of a natural art and as a kid you don’t really understand quiet yet, until she comes upon the wall leading to the maze, now when she sees this she looks almost like she is confused but also drawn towards it and in many cases that is what architecture can do to you if you stair at it long enough, it just pulls you in.
Now when we first start the movie and discover the first mystical being all the viewer wants to do is study this creature and understand its way, just like a new painting, in the eyes of the painter it’s a master piece that portrays themselves or a specific thing but in the eyes of the viewer it could be anything from just a simple splash of paint to an elaborate painting of life that flows off the page in vivid detail.
Next of the details of art would be the Faun guy who believes Ofelia is some type of Princess to a form of a devil or so that’s how he describes it, when he is shown there are just so many details on him, from the way he talks to the way he walks and his personality and the way he just looks in general is all around amazing, the time it must have take to picture him and design just his face, I mean its so, not vibrant but a form of vividness not in color but in the design and in the