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Pandora the Explorer
I love to listen to music in the car, when I am cleaning, when I am studying and even when I am going to sleep. Music is so diverse that anyone can find the right song for any occasion. I like to listen to rap, hip-hop, or top hits when I am in the car. When I clean, I like to listen to electronic dance music (EDM) in an effort to boost my energy to help me get the work done faster. However, when I study or sleep, I prefer to listen to classical music. There is nothing more soothing or relaxing than the music that comes from the instrumental works. It is for these reasons that I listen to Pandora when I need to focus or relax.
Every night when I get into bed, I turn on the Pandora classical station. The instruments that are involved in classical music and the fact that there are no words makes it very helpful to relax and sleep. Classical music helps me clear my mind of all of my worries and it also helps me relieve my stress. Pandora is such a convenient way to listen to music; when I am sleeping Pandora will turn itself off after a certain amount of time of no activity, unlike the traditional radio that will stay on all night long. Pandora is also convenient because I have the option to opt out of commercials, which is very beneficial when I am trying to sleep. Like many others, I need noise to fall asleep, but do not find it pleasant to have any noise continue once I have fallen asleep. Pandora has helped me sleep better and wake up more rested the following morning.
In addition to helping me sleep, Pandora also helps me study. Most students would prefer to study in complete silence so they can stay one hundred percent focused on their work. However, I prefer to study with a little bit of background noise. If I were to study in complete silence, I would be able to hear all of the little things in my apartment like the clock ticking, the neighbors outside talking, and the cars driving by. Although, when I have classical music playing softly in the background, I cannot hear the little noises and I tend to focus better on my studies. The peacefulness that is transmitted from the classical station on Pandora also keeps me