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Week 2- Panera Bread
Kari Barello
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Mike McAndrew


After graduating, Ron Shaich became a licensee of a French bakery company, Au Bon Pain and put in French baked goods at his café, ‘The Cookie Jar.’ Panera’s leaders seemed to follow the six steps of strategic planning. There was a lot of financial planning and operational planning that went into this plan. For years he studied the industry and the market, and obtained investors and funding.

While studying the market around him, he noticed that all eateries in malls and strip malls were the same and there was nothing special about them. It is this reality that made him decide to go in a different direction. They then focused on making Panera a ‘meeting’ place which was ingenious as it created a new ‘physical environment’ for the café. Shaich’s vision for the company appears to be to achieve growth without “choking on it” in order to pace their growth so that they can always stay true to their goals, values and be successful.

Panera’s strategic vision is "A loaf of bread in every arm.". This is a slogan that the company adopted as their vision and mission statement in 2011. I believe their strategic vision is to become pioneers in the restaurant industry by providing quality healthy food and ways to make eating a inconvenient experience when coupled with you daily life. Proper planning, research, and organization is the most important component to that vision as a hasty decision without organization could have a devastating effect on their company. Panera’s stakeholders play a very important part in Panera’s Strategic planning processes. Panera’s stakeholders include those invested directly in the business itself, shareholders, the owners and franchisees. The company is very deeply rooted in the community; it draws its success from being well positioned. This creates a relationship