Panera Bread Essay

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Panera Bread
Frankquisha Watson
Lorin Leone

I have not had the opportunity to try the Panera Bread yet but from reading the website I am definitely going to try it. Panera focuses on serving more healthy meals for people on the go that gives you that fine dining experience at a fast food pace. Panera earns trust from their customers by not only serving healthy meals but they also give back to their community that helped to build up their business. Panera has a program called Panera Cares which serves customers whether they can afford to pay or not, “the community cares program works shoulder to shoulder with customers to confront a serious problem in our community, hunger” (Panera Bread Foundation, 2013). I feel that that alone would earn trust of the customers, people like to feel that their money is going to a good cause and they also advertise their healthy choice of breads and muffins that is full of real fruit. The Panera Bread website is amazing, the pictures by itself would make you want to buy the bread because it looks so appealing and you can see the fruit and nuts in the bread. What I like most about the site is that not only can you go on there to see the ingredients for each item they also show you how many calories are in each serving, they have pictures to show you what they look like, and everything is in an organized fashion. I must say that this is a first time I have been on a site that I loved everything about I