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Sydney Hampton
PAP Assignment
How Will I Be Successful in College? In this important and exciting new chapter of my life, I plan on taking many steps and employing various strategies to keep my performance up to par and graduate with a bright future to look forward to. This will focus on several aspects, such as going the extra mile in and out of the classroom by forming some type of mutual bond with my teachers and professors through inquiry of the subject(s) at hand and making myself known amongst the dozens of students participating in the same class. I will also surround myself with peers who also strive to succeed, manage my time and work ethic in accordance to my demanding new and independent life, and even contribute the simplest of tasks, such as maintaining more than satisfactory attendance to my classes, completing all homework assignments, and, most importantly, trying my best. After attending the two-day session for the President’s Award Program, I retained an abundance of useful information and tactics on how to earn success in college, not only as a first-year student, but throughout the next four years I hope to spend at the University of Illinois at Chicago. So far, upperclassmen, counselors, student advisors and people with college experience in general, constantly stress the fact that one of the best actions to take in college is to ensure that all my instructors know who I am and that I am interested in their class and what they have to share. This means sitting in the front of the classroom, staying alert and attentive, following the rules, and asking questions or simply introducing myself during their respective office hours. Another piece of helpful information I was given is to make good friends with similar values to my own and form study groups with other hard-working students who share my passion for success so we can work together through difficult lessons and materials. I think it is a great idea to keep my circle of friends occupied with positive individuals who lift each other up and help each other out.
Like many other students, I have already identified and established my less-than-stellar time management skills and how I must significantly improve them before it…