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Canadian Women Entrepreneurs

Prof. K. Weir

G. Trotter

August 14, 2010
Date: August 14, 2010
To: Prof. K. Weir
From: G. Trotter
Subject: Canadian Women Entrepreneurs


Purpose & Scope & Limitations

This report looks at the seven unique traits of Canadian women entrepreneurs. It also looks at Arlene Dickinson, C.E.O. Venture Communications Ltd. This report looks at the history/background, seven traits, and conclusions/recommendations of women entrepreneurs in Canada. The needs are in the history/background section. The seven traits common to Canadian women entrepreneurs are:

1. Highly educated 2. Average age 41-years-old 3. Member of a Professional Organization 4. Member of a Trade Organization 5. Less likely to be an immigrant 6. One-person operation 7. Location in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario

The primary limitation is that there was too much information.

Sources and Methods

Secondary source material came from Women in Business Network articles, and in addition, most information came from a CIBC study of women entrepreneurs in Canada. Statistical information came from and Stats Canada. Primary Source material came from online interviews with Arlene Dickinson.


This report assumes that the findings of these sources are correct. Also, some of the data is up to six years old, but this is normal for it takes a few years after Statistics Canada gets their material to make it to business reports.

History and Background

According to the CIBC report and recent Empowered Women findings, over the last 15 years a 50% increase in the number of women who are self employed has happened. The growth of women entrepreneurs is 60% greater than men.

The chart shows the rapid increase of the numbers of women who are running their own businesses.

Factors such as family situations, the economy, women’s experiences, the education women have, and how much women make all influence women’s decisions to start their own businesses.

Arlene Dickenson, C.E.O., Venture Communications Ltd.

Arlene Dickinson is a 53-year-old Calgarian who was born in South Africa and moved to Halifax and then to Calgary as a small child. She graduated high school at 16, married at 19, and was divorced by 28, with four children ages 7 and under. It was always her dream to be a mother and a wife.

The Typical Canadian Woman Business Entrepreneur


There is a direct relationship between the rise in the number of women entrepreneurs and women getting more education. In the last 15 years, there has been a 7.2% growth in women’s wages for every one out of two self-employed women. Up to 60% of women have a university degree or college certificate. Almost 30% have taken courses past high school.

Arlene Dickinson, only acquired a high school education. The rest of the training she learned on her own. She is very much self-trained.


The average age of women who start their own business is 41. Out of all women who start their own business a whopping 96% work for others, but are driven to work for themselves due to the economy, life experiences, or poor working conditions. On average women would rather work for another as they tend to make more money doing so.

Arlene Dickinson was 41 when she was the sole owner of Venture; this statistic reflects the findings of the CBC study. Now at 53, she is in the 4.3 percentile of women entrepreneurs who are in the over million dollars small business owners.

Professional Organization

The CIBC study discovered that 40% of women sole proprietors are members of a professional or trade organization. Susan Ward notes women out rank men in belonging to professional or trades organizations by 50%.

Arlene Dickinson operates one of Canada’s largest