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The Amish Culture and History
The Amish culture was brought to North America around 1737 from Europe to take advantage of our religious freedom. They are viewed as a quiet community, but they are bonded together as a community to the church and the Lord (Hostetler). The Amish believe that the church and the state should be separate; this is why they are uniformly disciplined to the Bible and its teachings for the way of life. Having now disappeared from their European heritages, Amish families can now be found living along rural country sides in the American economy (Hostetler). Originally settling in Berks, Chester, and Lancaster, the European immigrants have now spread their practices to twenty states and Ontario (Hostetler).
Amish families have a large number of people. On average, Amish families bring seven new children into the world. They practice a very different life than we are used to in America though. Amish families do not use electricity, do not own vehicles, and do not go to church; they use lanterns for light, a horse and buggy for transportation, grow agricultural products, and use their homes as a place of worship to serve the Lord of whom they praise so dearly (Hostetler). The children of the Amish community are educated very differently as well. From the beginning of their school career until the 8th grade, Amish children are taught in regular school. After they reach that age, the children return to continue their education on the farm where the parents believe their advanced education should revolve around the Amish community, the farm, and most of all,