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Paper One Cultures and societies are always changing around the world throughout time. Some change positively, others change negatively. The whole Renaissance was formed by people because everyone began to revive the learning of classical sources, the development of linear perspective in painting, and gradual but widespread educational reform. This formed a bridge between the middle ages and modern era. Even though the Renaissance saw changes in many areas, as well as social and political disorder, it is perhaps best known for its artistic developments and the contributions. One famous artist who inspired the term "Renaissance man" was Leonardo da Vinci. Humanism played a big role during the Renaissance. Humanism was not a philosophy, rather it was a form of learning. Humanist education was based on the study of poetry, grammar, ethics and rhetoric. This was very popular during the renaissance and that shows a positive change in the human condition. People weren’t really knowledgeable of much poetry, ethic, etc. When Humanism started everybody was participating in this form of change. Another aspect that changed Renaissance society was religious upheaval. Many people turned away from God after the Black Plague hit many. They questioned God’s existence wondering how He can let so many innocent people die just like that. People really did not know if they can believe in God. In Arabian society, most parents want their children to become doctors, but in today’s society the parents aren’t all doctors, of course they propose the idea of their kids becoming doctors, but the kids have more freedom. Parents today allow their kids to study whatever they want to