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1984 A society that allows everyone to stand up for what they believe in seems a lot like the culture we live in today. In Russia, there is a federation established that states, “It shall be a duty of the state to recognize, respect and protect the rights and liberties of man and citizen”(“The Constitution of the Russian Federation”). This is the type of government we are used to. The government usually respects the rights of the people and allows them to have a voice. In George Orwell’s novel called 1984 be created the exact opposite, known as a dystopia. He introduces a society that is extremely monitored. People have no say in what goes on. They cannot even think of what they truly believe in. This type of government is fictional and is called a totalitarian government. Throughout the novel Orwell incorporates politics, ideology, ways the government worked, and his overall message. When it comes to politics and government there are different types of ways to control a country. In this novel the government is totalitarian. The government known as the totalitarian government is a government that controls the citizen’s lives. They regulate whom one can spend time with and how long, whom one can talk to or what they can say, and what people can think or believe. This all took place in London, England. The town of Oceania was very depressing and dull. People did not have enough food, clothes, or shoes. The only nice building in this town was the pyramid government building that was extremely large. During the novel there is a war going on and people are randomly getting bombed on the street. London is at war with Eurasia, and in alliance with Eastasia. The government changed all the historical events into something completely different. They altered all the facts of the past and changed the history books so humanity doesn’t know what life used to really be like. Throughout this entire book George Orwell incorporates a lot of ideology. The ideas that are incorporated throughout this book are different than what we are used to living. While living in a totalitarian government there are times where thoughts run through ones head on how to escape it all. In the book 1984 the main character was Winston Smith. Winston was a curious 39-year-old man who had a job working for the government. He lives a lonely life with no friends or family. Orwell incorporates Winston in this story to show how much the mind ponders yet can always be controlled. Winston always had hatred towards the type of government he lived in. He felt as if there was no way to escape it so one day he purchased a diary from a secondhand store in the proletarian district. He knew that he could get in trouble for having such negative thoughts towards the government. This was something the thought police would come to your door and kill you for. He knew the consequences but continued to write his feelings. It was said that, “Newspapers have referred to Europe's rebellious youth as the new lost generation”(“Revolution of Eastern Europe: 1989”). This shows how when people were rebellious in Europe they were considered out of the ordinary. The same thing went to Winston. He was doing something wrong and was aware or it. There was a girl in Winston’s office names Julia that he thought was very attractive. She one day slipped him a note saying she loved him. From that day on they formed a secret relationship knowing they would get in trouble and potentially be taken to the ministry of love. Winston thought of Julia as someone who hated the Party as much as he did. The main thought going through his head was wanting to be an active rebel against the government. They both believe that O’Brien is a man who is also against the ways the totalitarian government works. They feel he is trustworthy and reveal to him that they want to rebel with him and join the brotherhood. This all backfires on them when O’Brien is known to be the one who tricked them intro agreeing, and Mr.