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In the article “Even little kids have a wage gap” by Soraya Chemaly the author explains that girls do more chores than boys, but also they are unequal with their allowance. Parents are unequal with their kids the study shows that girls would do more chores than boys in early age. Also, boys that have sisters are doing fewer chores. People show equality favoritism with boys than girls not just only with chores but with their money, “In general, however, feminized domestic work remains hidden and less well paid” (Chemaly 1). People see more in gender than who does more their job done or how prepare they are.
In The Real World: an Introduction to Sociology Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein define gender role socialization are shown to kids in early age. Parents show their kids what are their gender roles socialization with toys and chores, so they can grow up with that idea. Kids are learned to perform appropriate gender roles since their childhood they are assign to chores depending on their gender. Also, women are more likely to keep pursing an education than men: “Women are more likely than men to finish high school and attend to college” (Ferris and Stein 258). Women earn less money than men. Also, there is inequality with gender because men have more power than women.
According to Chemaly’s claim the problems women face with unequal pay and housework duties it starts in childhood because they are assign chores. Ferris and Stein’s analysis of gender people are