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Caleb Heckaman
Writing 1-Final Paper 5
Mrs. Baker
Farmer This commercial is all about the Farmer being hardworking, reliable, and consistent just like the Dodge Ram. Through the commercial they give several examples on how the Dodge Ram is a great truck. The people in this commercial are mainly all different kinds of farmers in the United States. The commercial has a monologue which was a speech written by Paul Harvey. “Paul Harvey delivered conservative broadcasts on current events, reaching, at his peak, 24 million people daily” (Paul par. 1). Paul Harvey was a very famous broadcaster through the 1950’s and the 1960’s. “Paul Harvey died February 28, 2009” (Paul par. 2), he died as an American icon. The commercial was done by the truck company Dodge Ram. Dodge used a famer to show how the truck is just like them through many metaphors. The commercial shows the viewer how the Dodge Ram is just like the hardworking and reliable farmer. The first thing that is shown in this commercial is a cow standing in a harvested corn field with snow on the ground. Right above the cow a name appears on the screen. The name is Paul Harvey. Since Paul Harvey is a great American icon and is a speaker people love, people will stay on the commercial and not change the channel. Next Paul Harvey says “And on the eighth day” (Ram Trucks) and as Paul Harvey says this a church is in the back ground. Is there an eight day I ask myself? No there isn’t but the Eight day is in the bible. Then Paul Harvey says “God looked down on his plan paradise” (Ram Trucks). The back ground in the commercial while he says this is an areal picture of a Farm. This is representing god in heaven looking down on his paradise which is a farm. Then Paul Harvey says “I need a care taker so god made a farmer” (Ram Trucks). The background turns into a farmer with his dog. This represents the farmer being the care taker to the dog. So far the commercial is about god making a farmer to take care of his plan paradise. Then the commercial goes on and Paul Harvey says “ god said I need somebody who is willing to wake up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, then go to town and stay past midnight at the school board, so god made a farmer” (Ram Trucks). This is relating the hard working famer with the hard working Dodge Ram. It’s saying that the truck is going to be reliable and hardworking all the time. Then Paul Harvey says, “I need someone with arm strong enough to wrestle a calf and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild” (Ram Trucks). This is saying that the Dodge Ram is a very powerful, hardworking tuck but also it can be a gentle everyday truck that you can drive your kids in as well. This captures the men with families into the commercial. The commercial captures all this with a picture of a dad with his arm around a kid standing on the steps of a tractor. Paul Harvey then names off different challenges that god needs the farmer to be able to do. This relates to the truck saying that it is capable of doing all the tasks that the driver needs. It also is showing us that Dodge lives up to the standards and requirements of a great truck. Paul Harvey says a little bit later in the commercial “from harvest season we’ll finish this week forty hour week by Tuesday noon and then paint end from tractor back we’ll put in another seventy-two hours , so god made a farmer” (Ram Trucks). This is saying that the Dodge Ram is a truck that isn’t going to give up on you it’s