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My mom once told me that when you read something you don't feel is interesting it will lead you to disliking reading. Most people read boring, un-interesting things more then interesting things, think about a time in your life thats happened . I liked reading until I was in sixth grade where my teacher Ms. Samuals made the whole class read "To Kill a Mocking Bird" it was the most boring book I laid my eyes on, I had no interest in this book, It made me want to roll my eyes in the back of my head and sleep until after class. It took me days on top of days to finish reading this book, every chapter got more boring by the minute. I didn't understand why we needed to read this book. Ever since this book met my eyes I have hated reading, I do it only when I have to. It seriously just drug on and on. At first grade school was easy, I learned how to color, write my name, write stories, and read. Reading was my favorite I read all the time anytime I could. The books were easy and enertaining to me full of colors, pictures. Reading came easy to me in grade school. I would go home and talk to my mom about the new books I had read in school. She would tell me "You know that is very good of you,trying hard and reading when you can." I responded " Yeah mom it is so easy and interesting to me all the colors and stories they tell!" She then giggled then said to me "There not always going to be like that paige, they will get bigger and harded to read as you get older into higher grades." I had that shocked look on my face I didn't know that when she told me. "wow" I said "I didn't think of that" I just continued enjoying my easy books, I had no worries I would always love reading., so I thought. At the begining I thought middle school would be fun and I would love it. Boy I thought wrong, weeks went by in sixth grade with Mrs.Samuals she was my english teacher. Everything was going great I was doing well in class and finishing homework early, we read a few books that weren't to bad I actually liked them, they were interesting and kept my attention.I kept saying "my mom was so wrong these are still easy" After the third month of being in her english class she came into class and announced she was assigning a book for us to read and do a report on. The book was "To kill a mocking bird" of course because I love reading I thought this would be a peice of cake and blow right through this and ace it. The first few chapters we read in class weren't so bad kind of interesting. Then she told us to go home and read for homework. Since it was on a tuesday she said the first part of our report was due thursday the day after tomorrow. No big deal right wrong, I took it home and read more chapters, turns out it was the most boring book I have ever read, I really did not like it I didn't want to read it anymore. Thursday came around for our reports to be checked, I didn't do it. Why, because I refused to read this book I hated it, Yes I mean I hated it so much it was so boring, daul, un-iteresting, not anything. Mrs. Samuals came over to my desk asking to check my first part of the report, I told her " I don't understand why we need to read this book it won't help me out in the future. This book is so boring, and un-teresting" Mrs. Samuals then said to me " This book is to help you understand racism, It may not be the best book or the most exciting but you have