Paper Case Study Nantonia 

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Paper Case study Nantonia
ICT Strategy & Planning

Master : ICT in Business
Location : University, Leiden
Course : ICT Strategy & Planning
Assignment : Paper Case study Nantonia
Date : 3 June 2011
Name : Suraj Soerdjbali
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Part 1

The business model:

1. Partners: Natepco is a subsidiary of Natonia Energy Holdings. Which on their turn have a joint venture with Prime Energy Group and Government of Natonia 2. Key activities: The key activities of Natepco are exploration and production 3. Key resources: The key resources of Natepco are sell crude oil to commodity markets and gas (LHG) to power/electricity producers 4. Value
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The software developers think that deadlines are like fishing lines that they let go when the catch is too big. He’s worried about the webserver that crashes incessantly and no one can tell him whether it gets any better. He makes a statement where he says: service interruptions is a key measure of their performance. The HR manager claims that the IT department is just doing things without getting the numbers right. At the last Steering committee presentation he still had to sit with the IT department and review it because the IT department actualize seem farther off from the plans. With the implementation of SAP comes a lot of problems. Costs of implementation invariably overshoot budgets and after implementation there is a long period before financial accounts can be produced without extra manual effort. Cost-benefit analysis suggests to engage in re-engineering of all the main processes in order to gain from substantial slashing of manpower levels. Which indicate another problem.

Operational governance problems:

There are computers used that are not fully migrated to Windows 2000 which lead to poor performance. It has been difficult to control PC hardware and software acquisition as staff in the more remote locations believes they can get faster and cheaper solutions from outside the IT department. Unfortunately for the IT manager there is some support for this