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Ffffffjfjaojfoaojfj ifajf a fjajfjda jfdj ajdj f jfoja fd performance. Rather than looking for a new solution, he continued to push his plan onto the increasingly opposing workers. After considering this, we have to also question how Bent would take the suggestion of changing his leadership style and his willingness to accept fault within himself. At the end of the article, we can see that Bent was feeling frustrated and perhaps even a bit frightened which may have him in a position that would be open to change, but there may still be an initial resistance to any change suggested. 3. Recommended Solution

To solve the macro and micro problems in this case we suggest that the solutions focus on changing the organization’s policies then focus on the leadership style of Mr. Bent.
a. Micro problem

The micro problem is the leadership style of Bent. Similarly a change in leadership style to transformational would help to improve in the areas measured and get his company back on track

b. Macro problem
The macro level problem in this company is motivation of the workforce. This problem is clearly seen in the case study through recent decreased productivity of the plant, product-quality issues creeping into work done in the plant, disgruntled workers, and overall low morale.

It is evident that the Scanlon plan initially led to an increase in productivity. However as every plan should be revisited and improved so that employees do not become bored or begin to expect the incentives.sxxxxx There were obvious positive elements and connections to the plan throughout the plant. Rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water. We recommend that Bent revise the Scanlon plan to become more effective during this downturn.

The Scanlon plan includes several effective motivational qualities.
The Plan instituted monthly communication meetings open to all employees
The plan also resulted ix important cultural changes. same tasks…