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Define the term “collective bargaining” and list and describe four issues that are mandatory components of a collective bargaining agreement.
Collective Bargaining is the process in which employer and employees determinate the terms and conditions of employment (Budd, p. 11). It is meticulously thought out and written a contract, between employer and employee. This is a legal document enforceable for a one year period (AFL-CIO).
These are the major subjects of bargaining:
Compensation: wages, benefits, vacations and holidays, shift premiums, profit sharing.
Personnel policies and procedures: Layoff, promotion, and transfer policies, overtime and vacation rules.
Employee rights and responsibilities: seniority rights, job standards, workplace rules
Employer rights and responsibilities: management rights, just cause discipline and discharge, subcontracting, safety standards. (Budd, p. 11)
According to ABC News, Brian Bennett from ESPN talked about Northwestern players get Union Vote. The NLRB ruled that Northwestern Football players qualify as an employee of the university and can unionize. This was accepted after three years member colleges and universities have worked to re-evaluate the current rules. This is beneficial for employees in this case the athlete and employer in this case university. The player is an employee since the player sign a contract for the university and as result obtain a scholarship. For now, the push is to unionize athletes at private schools, such as Northwestern, because the federal labor agency does not have jurisdiction over public universities. (ABC NEWS)
Jack Murtha, a writer for Greater Media Newspaper website writes about Township of Marlboro, settles new contracts for incoming employees. The new terms of these contracts provide less paid time off and a reduction in benefits, according to municipal documents. Hornik, the Major of the Township said that Municipal officials and employees representatives cooperated in the township’s attempt to reduce the holiday and vacations paid, sick days and personal days that are offered to most staff members. For the new contracts was adjust the vacation day rules for incoming employees, this new rule only permit that new employees to carry just 50 percent of unused vacation days from one year to the next year, and will forfeit the days unused the next year. The new employees will receive three personal days while current employees have four personal days. I think that is good for the township regulates the new contracts for their convenience and needs of the Township, but also I believe that they have to respect the old contracts (benefits of current employees does not need to be changed because they sign a contract and I am not agree if they change the benefits that they had before and even more if the benefits are not good as before). (Greater Media Newspaper)
According to Annie Lowrey from The New York Times, writes about the gaining stability after the recession, recovery has created far more low-wage jobs than better-paid ones. She argued that the poor economy has replaced good jobs for bad ones, which was the conclusion of a new report from the National Employment Law Project. Many people are working with minimum wages and they are appreciate to have the job because a lot of people does not have jobs, but this kind of job like McDonalds does not offer vacations, sick days, and their wages are the minimum one. In my opinion a women that have two children and she is the head of the family cannot live with a minimum wage because this person have to pay the rent, utilities, food, transportation, insurance and other expenses monthly, so with a minimum wages is impossible to live even more if she have dependents. This kind of franchise have to rise the wages because they have the resource to do it. I believe that this kind of franchise do not increase their wages because they know that the economy it is not good enough and people need to work to