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Nowadays we use computers, technology, and software, commonly referred to as applications or apps for short, in every facet of everyday life. We use email to stay in contact with our workmates and friends and family. Along with computers and applications on our tablets and smartphones to stay connected to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well as news and entertainment all to feel connected in an ever technology driven world. Beside all of this we uses these applications and computer systems to manage our financial side, whether it be everyday banking to trading stocks or checking on our retirement funds.
These interconnected devices are designed to take tasks and make them as efficient as possible, thus freeing up time to perform more tasks and get more out of the day, even if the purpose of the device is to help pass the time by. With this ever evolving landscape of technology has created a new wave of interconnected devices. We can access internet virtually anywhere and once we are connect to the internet the possibilities are nearly limitless. As internet as become the backbone to our connected ways we can utilizes it to connect to our corporate office database that is held in a cloud system via a direct connection or a virtual private network (VPN) or even remotely access and control our office computer and we can even do these same things for small home networks, all with just a connected device.
With technology becoming an everyday piece of daily life comes more challenges for