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Beauty, Healthy and fitness ads
There are over Six dozen Beauty, Health and Fitness Magazines on the shelf at any local bookstore, which are widely published. That doesn’t even include the uncountable number of smaller publications, websites and blogs that are out there today. Throughout history human civilization has always been concerned with its appearance and health. Constantly concerned about what others think of us, and always idolizing those who have “the look”. From Hollywood who glorifies people who are good looking and fit, to our government trying to instill a higher tax on unhealthy foods. In today’s society everyone is concerned with their appearance and advertisers know it.

Talk about Self Magazine - As I perused the shelf at the bookstore, the magazine with Hayden Panettiere on the cover caught my attention. It is called SELF Magazine, and is a self improving magazine. Immediately as both a man and woman you are attracted to this type of magazine because of the beautiful cover girl. As I believe this magazine is more aimed towards woman, they are trying to portray a woman that all other woman would want to look like. They entice you with a tag line “Hot like Hayden!” to entice a reader to see what her secret is to looking so good. Once you open the magazine you find a plethora of articles and ads relating to all things beauty, health and fitness.

Beauty Ad (Explain the graphics and wording in the ad) - The first ad I stumbled upon was the ever-intriguing promise of everlasting beauty. With an airbrushed photo of what seems to be a never aging Courtney Cox, who can obviously attest her age defying looks to cosmetic surgery, Pantene delivers the promise of Age defying hair. Supposedly by using their product you can have beautiful looking hair that looks ten years younger then it did before. With extenuation on the words new, age defy, and “hair that acts 10 years younger” and sleek looking packaging they are bound to sell their product to the masses. After asking the women in my life what they thought of the ad, most of them mentioned that they already owned a similar age defying hair product. The advertiser who created this ad uses a weasel word “acts” which is a word that is empty of any specific meaning, allowing the consumer to imagine how they want the product to act. The advertisers also wrote a sentence, which states ”MY SECRET? I’VE GOT AN EXPERT” which can make the readers curious about the secret they are hiding, but in fact it is just a regular product like any other product that is made for the same purpose to fix and make the hair look as if it is “younger.” The advertisers used another weasel word which is “NEW” by saying that “ A NEW SYSTEM WITH PRO-VITAMINS AND CAFEINE To RESTORE BOUNCE AND LUSTER AND COUNTERACT SIGNS OF ACTING HAIR FROM LACK OF THICKNESS.” I believe, as a man, that these things would actually make women’s hair look more attractive.

If someone is thinking about losing weight or getting healthy, they try to find ways to do it. While you are flipping through a magazine and you see an ad that is selling a sweetener, you stop on that page to read more. “ A brand new day for no calorie sweeteners has arrived, naturally” is what is stated about the sweetener. It would catch your eye something amazing to hear, something sweet and no calories in it, also it is natural product which the advertisers claims that it is made of fruits “ The monk Fruit.” In this ad the advertiser used the green monk fruit, and we all know the color green related to something healthy. This product will be given so much attention from the moms because what all moms want is to make their kids eat healthy food, and by adding this natural sweetener to the food it would make it taste better especially to make their kids to start to like what they don’t like. This product would be perfect for people who is watching their weight, and in a diet, and they