Questions On Psychology

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Roy Baumeister
Sexual drive and orientation between men and women
Men have stronger sexual drive
Daryl Bem
Studies temperament
Biological factors may predispose a temperament that influences sexuality
Charles Darwin
Instinct Theory
Virginia Johnson
Sexual Response Cycle
Four Stages
Simon LeVay
Known for his studies of brain structures and sexual orientation
Brain structures in strait and gay people are different
William Masters
Researched the nature of human sexual response
Philip Bard
Reviewed the neuro-humoral basis of emotional reactions
Defined emotional consciousness
Walter Cannon
Cannon-Bard Theory
Heart begins pounding as a response to an emotion
Ed Diener
Nicknamed “Dr. Happiness” due to his research
Found that those who have closest ties to friends and family tend to be the happiest
William James
Evolved functions over constant feelings
Carl Lange
James-Lange Theory of Emotion
Vasomotor changes our emotions
Richard Lazarus
Pioneer in study of emotion and stress
Thought everything could be explained by looking at the brain
Joseph LeDoux
Memory and emotion
Mechanisms of fear
Ray Rosenman
“Type A” behavior
Robert Rosenthal
Self-fulfilling prophecies
Role of non-verbal communications
Hans Selye
Known for his studies in the nature of stress and the body’s response to it
Discovered that hormones participate in the development of degenerative diseases
Jerome Singer
Followed up on the James-Lange and Cannon-Bard theories
Robert Zajonc
Found that we have many emotions based on many different situations we might encounter

Socrates & Plato
Knowledge innate
Greek philosopher
Knowledge is not preexisting
Francis Bacon
British philosopher
Human overestimation
John Locke