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Then write a paper explaining what issues with regards to workplace safety exist in modern America today. Consider: Why do Turkish mines and Bangladeshi garment factories matter to Americans? Are workplaces of higher income earners safer than lower income earners? Are workplaces safer for more educated earners than lesser educated or skilled workers? Are unionized workplaces safer than non-union workplaces? Does workplace safety vary from state to state? Why? What would your recommendations for workplace safety be? Is workplace safety worth the extra cost to consumers for the products?
Explain the issues in well-documented essay that properly utilizes quote integration techniques reviewed in class.
Issue paper #4: Workplace Safety Although America nowadays promotes a lot of laws and agreements for workplace safety, a lot of workplaces still not ensure workers’ rights. Those workplaces still do not take care of safety conditions. Moreover, higher income earners workplaces safer than lower income earners. Lower income earners are usually working for non-unionized workplaces. According to the article Workplace Accidents: 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries by Julie Copeland, “in 2010, over 4,500 American workers were killed on the job while millions more suffer serious non-fatal injuries.” Because no one speak for those workers, that is why “every year in America, 3.3 million people suffer a workplace injury which they may never recover”, “these are preventable tragedies that disable our workers, devastate our families, and damage our economy.” It is obvious that almost big companies have unions in their corporations. In small structure places, fears of being fired, most workers do not dare to ask for any compensation for accidents at work. An example shows in “One Year After Rana Plaza, Safety Issues in Walmart Supply Chain Persist” by Yana Kunichoff, David Fields, 44, was among the group of Chicago-area protestors, he was fired for his job as a result of speaking out about the need for an adequate fire alarm system in the building. “We are sick of going to the funerals of miners. We have to do something to stop the fatalities,” Ozgur Ozel, an MP from the CHP told his fellow lawmakers with a miner’s helmet in his hand in Turkey’s mining safety: Bleak track record by Enis Senerdem. We see clearly whatever they are trying to do, it does not work. It is well known how we should have a union in our workplace. Loblaw, the maker of Joe Fresh clothing, has joined the Accord on Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh, a legally binding agreement that will see more than 100 retailers pay for factory safety upgrades. It