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Is there more energy in colored paper than white paper, measuring J/g. Hypothesis: The colored paper will have more energy than white paper.
If the colored paper has more energy than the white paper then it will burn longer. Materials: colored paper, white paper, a flask, graduated cylinder, a cork, matches, an electric scale, water, logger­pro, logger­pro thermometer, and computer. Procedure: Measure 200 ml of water in the graduated cylinder. Pour the water from the cylinder into the flask. Measure the initial temperature and write it down. Use the electric scale to measure the weight of the colored paper and write it down. Stick the paper to the cork and place it under the flask. Light the paper with the matches and record the temperature after the paper is done burning. Repeat the measuring and burning of the paper with the white paper. Record all data. Repeat the burning of the colored and white paper three times each. Results:

Conclusion: I accept my hypothesis. The colored paper had more energy/joules than the white paper. The colored paper burned longer which made the water be able to heat up more, which is how you measure the energy, change of temperature. Some flaws that could have changed the experiment is if the paper stopped burning before all of the paper was gone. You’d need to make sure you have the same amount of paper for each, white and colored. The cork could start on fire and could also change the temperature of…