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English 101
26 October 2013
Journal Entry #11
During the begging of this English 101, we began to discuss about the instructions for the new essay that we are going to start doing. The instructions seem to be simple, and essay to follow; however, I don’t like the fact that we have a word limit, because this a research paper that consists of a lot of analyzing, and getting facts, so this I do not like. I feel like we should have the liberty to express our self when it comes to a research paper, but it will be a challenge, but I am defiantly up for it. Even though I am not good at word count essays, I feel like this will help me get straight to the point on my essays. We did an activity called “Give one- Get one” which we individually analyzed the instructions of the new essay, I thought that was very helpful, because it helped me get back in track after a long week. Moreover, today I really liked how my instructor gave us a lot of time to do our introduction, and work on everything we needed to do for our essay. I think this helped everyone, focus and get more research for this new essay. Additionally, I really liked todays class I liked the environment, because we were all working, it was quiet, and today for the first time I felt like it was an actual college class, because everyone was so mature this morning, unlike the other days. However, I was not happy with how I did my introduction, because I got very bad feedback over it. I learned that for the next time I will