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Cullen Fanning I want to mainly talk about the Holocaust in which 2 of the books I'm considering using are about a family who was involved with the Holocaust and later survived it. I chose this topic not just because of how bad and severe it really was towards non German's, but because I want to hear the stories of the survivors that witnessed it, and hear what they seen and went through. I think that it will be pretty neat to read these books about these survivors. I hope I learn a lot more about what really happened, instead of reading from text books that had to "lighten up". The Holocaust was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. What happened over in Germany is just uncalled for. So many innocent lives' were taken, just because they weren't a Nazi or because they didn't obey Hitler. There are many questions as to why or how the Holocaust actually started. From what I read, it did not happen suddenly, and that it was the end of a long process of anti-Semitism. Laws were passed by the Nazis called the Nuremburg Laws, which took away ALL the human rights of jews. Last spring, my high school history teacher took us to Boston for a field trip, and one of the things we saw was the New England Holocaust Memorial. Engraved on the outside walls of each tower are groups of numbers representing the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Inscribed on the inner walls are quotes from survivors of each camp.