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Business Communication Trends
Business Communication Trends

The role that business communication played in my day-to-day activities when I had a home business selling home goods was using email and the telephone constantly. The company I worked for provided everyone with a home office website that had all the tools needed to do our home business. Our managers were always available to answer any questions or offer the consultants advice. This made working for the company more enjoyable as well as the thought of confidence that I was doing well. I would use the company website to submit my orders, handle returns, order catalogs, and to access my personal website that I had through them. Email was a huge factor in my business. I would email my past and current hostesses along with any new leads that I had. I sent out promotional emails advertising what monthly specials were going on as well. I would also use written communication when I sent my new hostesses their show packet. In the packet I would include a written letter from myself, order forms, catalog and instructions on how to plan a show.
The company website helped me manage my daily activities with my shows by providing me with a to-do list each day called The Show Assistant. As soon as I would sign on, my list would show up and tell me what I needed to do on that day. Some days I would have to make follow up calls to past customers or send out invitations for my hostess. Whatever I needed to do for each show would automatically show up. This kept me very organized and I didn’t have to have post-it notes lying all over the place. To provide outstanding customer service, you must have good listening skills. Listening skills is the first point of contact we have with our clients. So it is imperative that we understand the purpose of the phone call or email so that we to help resolve the problem that has incurred with our product and provide the best customer service. Responding to customers in a timely manner via e-mail, a returned phone call or letter help me manage my daily work activities. These activities