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Viridiana Soto
ENGL 81/P10
Professor: Hazar Shehadeh
April 29, 2010
Women in Politics Today, men and women work together in almost all fields; they work in hospitals, in, offices, and even in politics. However, the number of women in the political field is very little compared to men’s. Although men and women work together in today’s society, there are some definite signs that give the thought that women are not fit to work or handle certain male-dominated professions. For this reason, some people believe that women, who work alongside men in politics, are not fit to be political leaders. However, there are some people who believe that women are just as capable as men to be in the political arena. So, women are capable to work in political arena and workplace because they have the same equal rights, education, and personal skills as men do.  The first reason why women should work in politics is because they have the same equal rights. Women have been fighting for their rights, for a long time. The Civil Rights Act states that there should not be any discrimination based on sex in employment, and this makes it very clear that women have the right to be part of the political process. However, women’s rights have not been viewed equally because many people argue that even though women have the right to apply to any job, they should not be involved in politics. Regardless of this view, women have struggled for a long time to gain the right to be equally considered in the workplace. Because of this hard struggle, the constitution reserves the right for women to have the same opportunities in any workforce. That is why women should be allowed to serve in the political offices alongside men due to their constitutional rights. Furthermore, women have the same capacities in education as men do, and this qualifies them to be political leaders. Years before, women who went to school would not get the same education as men would, believing that women should not work but stay at home. Today, however, many women work alongside men, and they go to school to get the education they need. It has been known that women have shown a definite increase in getting their graduate and post-graduate degrees. Above all, not only have women increased the amount of degrees earned, but also they have shown an increase in the political process. In addition, the educational opportunities women have in the modern time have improved their expertise to