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“Atlas Camera Support and Stabilization System Review” VideoMaker May 19, 2011
Zach Somberg Hour.3 This article talked and reviewed the new Atlas Camera Support and Stabilization System. Video maker tested the product in many different ways to come to the conclusion that the product was fantastic and did the job extremely well. The new Atlas helps with cameraman fatigue and supports the wrist by taking the weight of the camera by transferring it to the harness strapped around your waist. They used the Panasonic HX2000 to test the stabilizer which is a great one to test because of its heavy ness and bulky size. The stabilizer handled the Panasonic perfectly. The stabilizer pans easily and looks down and up like it’s no big deal says video maker. Usually after about a half hour of just holding your camera in your hand the video becomes shaky and your hand becomes extremely sore and tired but with the new atlas your video will always look great and it will take the pain out of using your camera with no tripod. The article gives great reviews for the atlas stabilizer and definitely recommends it to video makers. I thought this contraption looked very cool but kind of dumb looking. People would definitely stare if you were walking around with that big thing. On the other hand though it clearly does the job and would probably help tremendously with videotaping something. Video maker really liked it and I’m sure that I would too. Although I cannot think