Paper on Work Place Safety

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In this paper, workplace safety is discussed. Analysis of historical data on workplace accidents were used to establish the need and importance of workplace safety.
Relationship between Safety and Reliability Engineering was established to show how reliability engineering techniques and methods can be used to evaluate, identify risk prone activities and machines, with a view of reducing to the bear minimum the faulty equipment and/or factors that cause workplace accidents.
Safety management and safety programs like
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It is therefore, a very paramount topic and should be discussed, researched and adhered to.
From the beginning of man’s existence, man has had to work to fend and provide for himself. All these activities (work) are usually done under certain conditions; favourable and/or unfavourable (safe and unsafe conditions). From hunting life stock, to creating fire, to cooking etc. safety during these various tasks were taken and even though they weren’t called workplace safety, they were in fact safety precautions taken in the workplace.

1.3 Need for Safety
Even though there’s a variety of industries and activities in said industries, workplace safety is common to them all, in the sense that the prolonging and prevention of endangerment to human life is necessary in all fields of endeavour. In table 1, we see all forms of industrial activities; from small household activities and jobs to larger mining, quarrying and manufacturing industries, accidents are prominent in all industries
It is therefore, imperative to study in depth, seeking to find the causes of accidents in various industries with view of eradicating workplace accidents.
Some reasons for Workplace Safety include;
- Prevention of work place accidents which can lead to injuries, loss of limbs and in some cases loss of life
- Cost of accidents. Costs to machinery (machine repairs), cost of compensation to the injured worker by the company. All these