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Schedule Plan
As far as I’m concerned, a good schedule plan should be seen as a prerequisite to the future success, because it is supposed to describe what we should do at specific time. Sometimes, some projects couldn’t proceed as planned due to the fact that they failed to provide a realistic schedule plan at the stage of designing and defining, which could lead to delays, unsatisfied customers and other unexpected problems.

One typical example is a project I came across when I worked in the auditing department of local government, and this project was building green areas along the highway. I was working on this project on behalf of my department with the responsibility of tracking the completion situation. After a first week’s work, I realized that workers felt very stressful to finish the predesigned daily workload so that overtime was required in the following several weeks. As a result, this project was actually overrunning the budget. Obviously, the major reason is that the project manager incorrectly assumed the number of workers needed in this project. After a few rounds of compromising, I decided to report this problem to the project manager as well as the director of my department. Even though my report avoided the worse outcome, I realized I should have done this at a much earlier moment to prevent any delays.

Support from management team
Based on the example discussed above, another factor has been come up with, which is the support from the management team.…