Humor: An Essential Part Of My Life

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Dan Jitaru

Paper 1: Humor and Me Humor is an essential part of my life. Throughout my days I actively seek humor whether it is with my friends or it is just me people watching. Not only because I enjoy to laugh but also because sometimes I just need to laugh to take the edge off. Humor is to me what cigarettes are to others; a way to relax and calm myself down. Usually when I seek entertainment it is something that I for sure will lead to some chuckles. Whether it be a movie, TV show, play/act, or even just video games with my friends; I want it to make me smile and laugh.

My friends and I have a game night every week or so and we usually end up picking some sort of Call of Duty, some fighting games, and some sports games. These are the games that get us rioting and have night staff called on us. For Call of Duty we usually set up a free for all gun game; which is a game mode where you are assigned a list of eighteen guns and rank up between the guns every time you get a kill with the gun before it. The person to secure a kill with all eighteen guns first is declared the winner. In addition if you knife an enemy they are set back one gun; so it can get very frustrating! But frustration is the neighbor of humor and usually my friends and I end up knifing the person in the lead just to hear them scream in agony. Another twist we add to the game is having a very difficult weapon be the weapon to secure the final kill with. Usually some sort of explosive launcher that has to be locked before it can fire, sometime that there is just no time for. In addition we usually play multiple rounds of this and whoever won the last round is allowed to set the gun list for the next round. As I mentioned usually we get really rowdy, scream at each other, laugh until it hurts, and at some point get a noise complaint.

Now onto the fighter games. Usually of the Dragonball Z variety, because lets be honest, whose childhood hero wasn’t Goku! Anyways the fighter games we set up are usually only one versus one so we set up brackets and whoever is watching is usually the impromptu coaches of the ones playing. Both sides usually heat up very quickly as we watch the struggle between two evenly matched players. Everyone in the room is screaming out commands and we struggle to keep up on what is actually going on anymore. If one side does something stupid the entire room breaks out in laughter. When one side gets knocked out, the room erupts in insults and hearty commentary. This goes on until we crown a champion and whoever it is carries a smug look on their face for the rest of the night.
Onto sports games! The game of choice is usually FIFA although we will sometimes pick up NBA 2k, but none of us really know how to play it. Anyways as with the fighter games we set up a bracket, however we set up teams because these games support two versus two. Some of us are more skilled than others so we try to set up the teams as fairly as possible, but it doesn’t usually work out. Either we have fun attempting to trick the other team into letting us score on them. When it’s a FIFA night the sounds coming out of my room are something like “THE SHOT” or “WHAT A PASS”, really any soccer related jargon.

The thing about me and my friends, we also make each other laugh just by having normal conversations. Our humor in conversations really just boils down to dry, sarcastic, insulting comments. We interrupt each other just to make snarky remarks and then laugh about them. Honestly I’m not even sure how we finish conversations due to the high amount of sarcasm in our systems. One of my favorite things is that, almost in a Family Guy sort of gag, we have running jokes. For example one of my friend’s names is Anthony. Anthony is a real teddy bear but he’s also extremely smart, this leads to him sometimes droning on about things we aren’t really interested in. We pay attention out of courtesy but whenever it gets too long, someone pulls out