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Case Study - Education

PaperCut MF Tames Escalating
Printing Budget
St Martin’s School
St Martin’s School (Caerphilly, UK) couldn’t keep on top of its printing and copying budget. Despite budgetary increases each year, costs continually outstripped budget
– usually with several months of the financial year left to run. PaperCut MF let administrators first track usage and then assign realistic quotas for staff and students.

St. Martin’s School is a coeducational comprehensive school for almost 1,100 students aged 11–18.
Built originally in 1927, the school operated as Caerphilly Grammar School for
Boys until 1973 when the school underwent significant additions and became a coeducational, comprehensive school.

PaperCut MF Save your budget while you save the environment The Challenge
“Our print management budget of approximately £60,000 a year including all print and photocopying maintenance contracts etc would last only 6-8 months,” said Paul Williams,
Network Manager at the school. “We couldn’t really get clear visibility of expenditure and print volumes.”
With three separate networks and a fleet of 550 computers running Windows and OS X, the school knew that a number of print management solutions were simply not geared for its environment. It needed a solution that was flexible enough to allow staff and pupils the freedom to move between networks but still allow them to see at a glance an up to date account of their remaining print balances. “PaperCut MF was the only system that could easily cope with our school network infrastructure,” said Paul Williams.

The Solution
After in-depth research into possible solutions and a PaperCut MF demonstration, Paul knew he’d found what he needed. “PaperCut MF simply seemed the best option for full school print and photocopying management, all in one easy to use and manageable system.”
PaperCut’s ability to provide both print budgets for departments and individual budgets for students provided the right degree of flexibility in print management.
PaperCut MF was installed and initially used to monitor print and copy volumes across one term in order to understand current usage patterns and track print spending. With this data in hand, a term budget was set for each department and a weekly quota for students.

Transparency over print and copier usage

Significant budget savings – from consistently being over budget before year end, to coming in under budget

Implementation across a heterogeneous environment comprising three separate networks and multiple OSs

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Case Study - Education

St Martin’s School

How PaperCut MF Helped
Since introducing PaperCut, the school has not increased its printing budget, and is in fact coming in under budget, allowing additional investment in new print and photocopying equipment.
Students and staff have adapted well to using quotas, and have modified their behavior to think before they print.

PaperCut MF

What’s Next with PaperCut?

PaperCut MF

The school now plans to upgrade all its networked printers and photocopiers, and will ensure that all devices have PaperCut MF embedded as standard.


Paul Williams is also investigating the use of virtual print queues to allow staff to send print jobs and then collect them from a…