Papers: Critical Thinking and Web Site

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Jazmin Molina
COMM 150

After determining the kind of resource you want to use, the next step in evaluation your information is to determine the authority of its author. Evaluating the authority means to looks critically at the author of the information, as well as eh sponsor or owner of the specific resource, such as the publisher or owner of a web site. Your goal is to determine if those who write the information are qualified to do so and whether they provide credible information. Several elements should be evaluated when considering the author and the publisher of a book or article, or the sponsor or owner of a web site. Look for expertise, academic background, licensure or certification.

You will have to determine if the information is accurate and whether it can be verified with another credible resource. Accuracy covers a wide scope including accurate facts, accurate reference to other resources, no typographical errors, no grammatical or punctuation errors, logical assumptions, logical flow of information, logical conclusions based on information, accurate visual aids, and appropriate coverage of material.

Objectivity (Purpose, Scope, Bias)
Why was the information written or produced in the first place? Was the goal to inform, entertain, trick, sell, persuade, or damage? Scope refers to how broad or narrow the topic is. An overview topic typically is broad in scope, with few details. A narrowly focused treatment of the topic gives details on a small