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What is a Hero? If you were to look up the word hero on it would say that a hero was a "male character in a story, play, film,etc. of distinguished courage or ability." This though, is not really true because to all of us a hero is something more than this. Everyone has seen a hero in his/her life in which they have met a definition better than the dictionary's. There are many people with different definitions of a hero. A real hero, though, will be someone people can look up to as role model, such as mothers or Martin Luther King Jr.; however heroes will not be so stereotypical, such as superheroes Heroes exist in society to provide a behavior for people to emulate. The hero must provide a figure in which people want themselves or their children to be like. With this figure that has been provided people decide to simulate the labor done by the hero. Therefore there is an understanding of the model's work, and why the figure was flawless causing the imitator to want to be more like the hero. Not only does the imitator's longing for success grow, but their necessity to become a better person and laborer does too. Thus the person more willing to work and provide for themselves and their society; just as it was done by the heroine. Therefore people become a better person that others need in their life and society. Due to the fact that many others can do this there also many examples. There are many examples that qualify as a role model. One example would be a mother because she inspires her kids. George the husband of Ana, a woman with cancer, said in a letter, "Invariably you muster a smile." Due to the this, Ana's daughter, Monica, says in a letter, "She is my counselor, my teacher, and my best friend... She is my idol." In addition to saying that Ana is her role model, Monica, then explains how her problems are nothing compared to Ana's, and because of her she works harder to never give up. Ana's son, Adam, also says that his mother is someone he looks up to for she is an inspiration to him. Another example would basically be anyone who could be seen as someone who has accomplished a remarkable goal, for instance Martin Luther King Jr. In fact, even today people still see him as a diligent man who had enforced the idea of equal rights between people. Therefore people call him a hero and see him as someone to be like when they grow up. Most heroes are stereotypically portrayed as strong, courageous, and have powers of some kind. However this is not the case when discussing a real hero. For example superman is what children call a hero because of how he saves people with his super-strength,