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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a comedic representation of the battle between cultures through cross-generational gaps. Nia Vardalos, the writer and star of the movie, takes on an enormous problem that faces immigrants coming to the United States. Through her depiction of a Greek family the movie deals with the struggle immigrants face trying to hold on to their culture while integrating into American society. Another issue that Vardalos deals with is the impact that immigrant parents have on their first generation American children. As the characters magnificently portray, this struggle to integrate and keep one’s cultural identity is a never ending cycle. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is strongly centered on the Greek culture and the movie uses the traditions and values of Greek society as a basis for its plot. What is truly vital to this film is the relationship between family members, both from the old generation and the new generation, and the struggle with integrating into American society especially through marriage. Nia Vardalos, who wrote the film, cast many of her actual family members in the film to truly portray a Greek family living in the United States. What is important about the casting choices she made is that the audience truly believes her story as a somewhat nonfiction memoir combined with fiction to mold into it the comedic genre. Vardalos plays Toula the main character of the film. Toula is pressured to get married by her entire Greek family but when she