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My Stance on Euthanasia

For someone who has not been by the bed side of a loved one suffering from a terminal illness, euthanasia seems inhumane and wrong. And although you would want to continue to help this person fight for their life, when all else fails, the only option becomes your last option. It’s never easy to let go of a loved one, let alone having the burden of deciding to take their lives. But it’s become something that isn’t out of the norm, in fact very common now days as the rise of incurable illness continue to reach its highest peak. Trying to hold onto someone, whose life has just been taken from them already due to their sickness, isn’t selfish. I believe holding onto them and having them continue to suffer is, and I’ll further explain.
A very good friend of mine lost her mother to breast cancer. She’d been suffering for years and as quickly as she got better, her health failed. She’d been in and out of the hospital, therapies, treatments- this became her life. And as days went by, she noticed her daughter lost track of herself, lost track of her life. She knew she loved her and she’d do anything to see her get better, but she knew no matter what that things wouldn’t work out to their favor. Nights spent at her bedside, days full of watching doctor’s walk in and out of her room, all saying nothing of which she wanted to hear. She couldn’t hold onto her any longer. It reached a point where, it had taken over her life so much she quit school, she barely went to work, couldn’t eat or sleep. Her life was her mom and that hospital bedside that she grew to hate but loved because it kept her near her mother. She watched her mom; everyday her condition just became unbearable for her. One day, the doctor walked into the room and pulled her aside, giving her an option to which only she could decide. Imagine that, having to decide on taking the life of the woman that gave you yours. But she knew that would be what she wanted; she couldn’t bare to see her suffer any longer although her selfish heart would’ve kept her there by her side.
If you were in the position in which you were basically a vegetable, no movement, no signs of recovery- could you blame your loved one for making that decision? Would you want to keep putting them through that pain of